Referrals are accepted for oncology cases through either our oncology, internal medicine and surgery services which are available Monday to Friday. We also provide 24/7 after-hours support for all our oncology clients and pets. We provide a comprehensive and compassionate service in all aspects of cancer.

Client requirements

The client should bring with them the patient’s medical history, radiographs and pathology or lab results. Ideally, new patients should be fasted that morning if any procedures are to be performed later in the day.

Typical oncology referrals

We accept all referrals in oncology, with the most common presentations for lymphoma, mast cell tumours, osteosarcoma and soft tissue sarcomas. We provide all aspects of treatment, including diagnosis, staging, surgery and chemotherapy.

Common surgical procedures

  •  Soft tissue surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery, including skin flaps and rectal pull-throughs.

  • Abdominal and thoracic surgery, including lung and liver lobectomies.

  • Orthopaedic surgery

  • Amputation, limb salvage procedures, mandibulectomy, maxillectomy, chest wall resection and hemipelvectomy.

Common medical procedures

  • MRI – is a valuable tool for the diagnosis of brain, spinal, nasal and oral tumours.

  • CT – is also available and is a useful tool for further diagnostic staging and to for the diagnosis of oral, nasal and spinal tumours.

  • Ultrasound – is a useful tool for further diagnostic staging—especially in cases of lymphoma and mast cell tumours, as well as gastrointestinal, urogenital, perianal and rectal tumours.

  • MRI, CT and / or ultrasound – are very useful in providing anatomical detail for planning of surgery and / or radiation. .

Technical procedures

We commonly perform Trucut, Jamshidi, incisional and excisional biopsies. We are equipped to perform laparoscopic and cystoscopic biopsies. We also routinely perform bone marrow aspirates, CSF collection and feeding tube placements.


Chemotherapy is an integral part of treatment for a range of cancer types. Chemotherapy is used primarily to treat lymphoma, mast cell tumours, multiple myeloma, leukaemia and histiocytic diseases. It can also increase survival times in animals with osteosarcoma, haemangiosarcoma, high grade mast cell tumours, carcinomas and brain tumours.

Bone marrow transplantation

Our oncology service is also able to offer bone marrow transplantation for dogs with lymphoma, which has been shown to increase remission and survival times compared to conventional chemotherapy.

Oncology team

Dr Catherine Chan BVSc FANZCVS Registered Specialist in Oncology