Specialist surgeon Dr Lucas Beierer presents at AOVET conference

The specialists at QVS are often called on to provide continuing education to other veterinarians.

One of the ways we do this is via practical workshops.

One of our surgeons, Dr Lucas Beierer recently presented at a week-long course in Hong Kong. This course was run by AOVET (https://aovet.aofoundation.org/Structure/Pages/default.aspx). AOVET is an independent non-profit organization that represents a global network of surgeons, scientists, and other relevant groups highly specialized in the field of veterinary surgery of the musculoskeletal system.  AOVET's mission is to advance the practice of veterinary surgery to improve patient outcomes.

Lucas was one of 6 faculty members presenting to an international audience spanning countries including Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Brazil, UAE and the United Kingdom. The course covered the principles of veterinary orthopaedics with a focus on internal fixation.