Established in 1982, QVS was the first private, specialist hospital in Australia. Since this time, QVS has expanded to provide specialised patient care across a range of disciplines via referrals from veterinarians. We receive referrals from all over Australia, in particular Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


Do you have an emergency?

Emergency and Critical care in the form of Pet Emergency is offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Pet Emergency is a separate business that operates out of QVS facilities after hours. Pet Emergency provides after hours care and monitoring for the patients receiving treatment at QVS.

North Lakes Pet ER: 07 3384 2233
Stafford Pet ER: 07 3359 5333


About QVS

All veterinarians at QVS have received the highest levels of training and continue to undertake further education on a regular basis. Being animal lovers, and animal owners themselves, our veterinarians understand the emotions owners go through when their pet is receiving specialised veterinary care.

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Our Services

As a specialist referral centre we provide numerous services to ensure that all of your pet’s needs can be met at our clinic. 

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