Q: Where are you located?

A: We have 2 locations. Our Stafford Heights hospital has been established since 1982 and is situated at 263 Appleby Road. Our new North Lakes hospital is situated at 53 Flinders Parade.

Q: What does it mean if my pet requires a specialist referral?

A: If your primary care vet or one of our emergency veterinarians has recommended a referral to our specialist team, then you will need to phone our friendly receptionists to make an appointment. Both our hospitals at Stafford Heights and North Lakes accept new referrals seven days a week.

Q: I have insurance, how do I claim my pet’s treatment?

A: If you have pet insurance, please inform our staff on admission so we can provide you with the information required for your claim to be processed. Please supply a completed claim form and a stamped, self-addressed envelope when your pet is discharged from our facility. This will enable our staff to quickly complete the veterinary section and forward to your pet insurance company to enable faster processing of your claim.

Q: What if I find a lost/injured animal after hours? Can I bring it into the hospital?

A: We keep animal Lost and Found records for any members of the public who contact us to report their pet missing, or if they have found one. If you have lost your pet please phone us so we can record you and your pet’s information. In the event somebody reports an animal with a similar description we will contact you immediately. Don’t forget to also register your pet as “lost” with your local council, the RSPCA and any veterinary or after hours clinics in your area. If you have found a pet, similarly we can record yours and the animals details in our registry. We are able to scan an animal for a microchip (at no cost to you) and try to locate an owner through the microchip database. Should the animal appear injured we can provide free veterinary care and treatment until its owner can be located.  At Pet Emergency we also work closely with the RSPCA, the pound, local councils and other entities to try and reunite lost and found animals with their owners.

Q: What if my pet requires X-rays? Am I required to take them somewhere else?

A: No. Our state of the art facilities at Stafford Heights and North Lakes are fully equipped with a radiology suite that delivers high quality images in seconds. In many cases radiographs are required urgently which these can be performed at the time your pet comes in. Our North Lakes facility also offers CT scanning which can deliver high quality imaging in a matter of seconds. Our Stafford Heights facility provides MRI services which deliver high quality three-dimensional imaging of soft tissue.

Q: Can I visit my pet in hospital?

A: We encourage visitors as we feel that as part of your pet’s recovery, visitation is important. Please call prior to arrange a suitable time for visitation. There may be a wait depending on the number of cases presenting to Pet Emergency at the time of your visit. Unfortunately, due to occupational, health and safety regulations, visits are required to occur out of the treatment and ICU area, this also ensures you can have a more personal visitation period with your pet. Visits should be no longer than 15 minutes to ensure your pet’s treatments and observations are able to be performed on time. Some patients enjoy visits and others can become stressed, so we’ll make suggestions about visits on a case by case basis.

Q: How will my regular vet know what treatment my pet received?

A: We will forward a full medical report detailing all treatments and diagnostics performed whilst in our care to your regular veterinarian. If your pet is in hospital for more than one day than a daily update will be sent to your vet.